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JAMA is a proposed standard matrix class for Java. The JAMA introduction describes "JAMA : A Java Matrix Package" in this way:

JAMA is a basic linear algebra package for Java. It provides user-level classes for constructing and manipulating real, dense matrices. It is meant to provide sufficient functionality for routine problems, packaged in a way that is natural and understandable to non-experts. It is intended to serve as the standard matrix class for Java, and will be proposed as such to the Java Grande Forum and then to Sun. A straightforward public-domain reference implementation has been developed by the MathWorks and NIST as a strawman for such a class. We are releasing this version in order to obtain public comment. There is no guarantee that future versions of JAMA will be compatible with this one.

The development team below has successfully ported the JAMA API to PHP. You can explore this site to learn more about this project and it's current development status.

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